About Me

Although a successful non-profit executive director, Martin Lowenstein originally intended to enter the field of civil engineering. Although his engineering career was short-lived, he continues to apply his engineering degree and his subsequent business degree to China Camp State Park’s operation as the first executive director of Friends of China Camp. It isn’t what he intended to do with his degree initially, but sometimes the best-laid life plans change.

In 2012, the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) threatened to close China Camp State Park, and the Friends of China Camp stepped in to help the state’s DPR handle the day-to-day management of the park. Four years later, in 2016, Lowenstein became the FOCC’s executive director, helping to significantly broaden its financial resources. In his time off, Lowenstein enjoys the park as other park visitors do. He runs on the trails, hangs out at the historic cafe, and occasionally goes camping in Back Ranch Meadows.

Friends of China Camp

For ten years, Friends of China Camp has succeeded in its mission to keep the park open and thriving. Martin Lowenstein, along with his staff and volunteers, has focused on providing the public with interpretive activities, trail maintenance, park cleanliness, and cultural and natural resource preservation.

With a focus on creating a thriving community excited about the future of China Camp, Lowenstein redoubled efforts to increase membership and grow community involvement. Since the beginning of 2020, membership has grown from 1,400 to 3,500 members. In fact, membership revenue and other donations now account for a higher percentage of FOCC’s revenue than park revenue.

Lowenstein’s commitment to the park continued a long-term commitment to non-profits that improve communities. Before joining Friends of China Camp as executive director, Lowenstein worked as a non-profit consultant, tapping his expertise in resource development, governance, and business administration.

Jerusalem American International School

Besides his active consulting career, Lowenstein served as board chair of the Jerusalem American International School from 2010 to 2013. During his tenure with the school, he oversaw a massive enrollment growth that resulted in a more than doubling of enrollment from 65 students to 149 students. He also worked to significantly increase the number of full-time and part-time faculty at the school.


After earning his BS in Civil Engineering, with a minor in Engineering Management, from Tufts University, Lowenstein completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Georgetown University and was admitted into Beta Gamma Sigma, an Honor Society for Business.

Lowenstein applies both of his degrees to his work with Friends of China Camp and China Camp State Park. Effective fundraising requires an understanding of sales and marketing, and engineering helps one with facility and infrastructure maintenance.

Applicable Skills

His work with non-profits has afforded him an opportunity to use his business strategy and business development skills to help his community. Lowenstein has applied his expertise in strategic planning in his work with non-profit education at both the Jerusalem American International School and at Brandeis Marin. Pulling it all together, Lowenstein works to create unique ways to offer the services of the state park for which he works, ranging from annual passes at various membership levels to monthly park events such as birding classes and book clubs. He occasionally gives tours of China Camp Village, even in Hebrew.

Personal Life

Martin Lowenstein enjoys spending time with his family in his free time. He and his wife, Inbar, reside in San Rafael, California, with their three children, Tamara, Ben, and Maya. Martin enjoys running at China Camp, and the beach provides a natural place for relaxation for his family.

When he’s not running a non-profit or running on the trails, you can find him browsing the area’s farmer’s markets with Inbar. An avid reader, he most enjoys spy novels and spiritual books. Lowenstein loves spending time with his three children, especially doing anything that makes them laugh.


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