Martin Lowenstein

I am Executive Director of Friends of China Camp, Inc.

About Me

Although a successful non-profit executive director, Martin Lowenstein originally intended to enter the field of civil engineering. Although his engineering career was short-lived, he continues to apply his engineering degree and his subsequent business degree to China Camp State Park’s operation as the first executive director of Friends of China Camp. It isn’t what he intended to do with his degree initially, but sometimes the best-laid life plans change. In 2012, the California Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) threatened to close China Camp State Park, and the Friends of China Camp stepped in to help the state’s DPR handle the day-to-day management of the park. Four years later, in 2016, Lowenstein became the FOCC’s executive director, helping to broaden its financial resources significantly. Lowenstein enjoys the park as other park visitors do during his time off. He runs on the trails, hangs out at the historic cafe, and occasionally goes camping in Back Ranch Meadows.

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